Online Digital Special Collections

Welcome to Online Digital Special Collections of interest to Department of Transportation (DOT) researchers and the transportation community at large.

In an effort to preserve its materials and to provide easy access for DOT Library customers, the library has digitized numerous collections that can be accessed by clicking below:

Turner, Fairbank and MacDonald Papers

Civil Aeronautic Manuals

Civil Air Regulations

Superseded Advisory Circulars

I.C.C. Historical Railroad Investigation Reports (1911-1994)

National Conferences on Street and Highway Safety

Historical Aircraft Accident Reports (1934-1965)

FAA and CAA Research Reports

US Coast Guard Navigation and Inspection Circulars

Historic CAB/DOT Orders

Historical FARS

(CAB/DOT Orders collection represents a small number of orders from the historic collection. In the future, all historic orders will be available on this web site.)